Is Summer Sausage Keto? We’ve Got the Answer for You!

You always want to choose food that is high in carbs and rich in fats and proteins while following a low-carb diet.

However, you also want to add some new food like summer sausage to your bland diet. Is summer sausage keto?

A wide range of sausages are available, each produced from a distinct combination of components and prepared differently.

Let’s look at several well-known types to determine which are genuinely categorized as keto.

Is Summer Sausage Keto?

Sausages are often keto-friendly foods, so you may have summer sausages following a low-carb diet.

Sausage is a type of meat that is appreciated by many different cultures around the world.

It is frequently made of various meats, such as pork, beef, chicken, or turkey, and it is available in multiple varieties and forms.

Even though the components for each sort of sausage vary, the majority include a blend of herbs, ground meats, and good fats.

Pork sausage is simple to include in a low-carb diet as it has a low carbohydrate content, 18g of fat, and 27g of protein per usual 100 g portion.

Nevertheless, there are other variants of sausages, and manufacturers may use different ingredients to make them.

Not all of them are low-carb because some utilize non-keto binding ingredients like wheat, breadcrumbs, or cornstarch.

Some types may contain corn syrup or sugar as a flavor and preservation substance.

Although corn syrup and sugar are not keto-friendly, several manufacturers use them in modest quantities that could be included in the regular low-carb diet.

It’s critical to carefully check every nutrition information and ingredient before determining whether to include it in your low-carb diet.

How Is Keto Summer Sausage Made?

Keto sausages are made and processed by salting, smoking, curing, and drying. 

Due to the association between processed meat and various illnesses, eating this food after this way of cooking raises specific safety concerns.

Numerous manufacturers provide a range of sugar-free meats devoid of additives, colors, nitrates, and many other common ingredients.

Sausage carbohydrates can be tricky. They contain mainly meat like pork or beef and spices. 

However, they may also contain more carbohydrate components, improving their taste and consistency.

The Food and Drug Administration in the US controls what goes into the many meat products you may buy today.

Sausage is a simple ingredient to add to many low-carb meals or eat on its own. 

Checking the nutrition facts is crucial since additional substances may force you out of the low-carb diet.

What Are Keto-Friendly Sausages?

Sausages composed only of meat like beef or pork and fat, without added binder like breadcrumbs, cornstarch, flour, or sugars, are most compatible with the low-carb diet.

Below are some of the most common low-carb sausages to include in your diet:

Kielbasa Sausage

In America, Kielbasa (a dish of Polish heritage) is frequently referred to as Polish sausage. Since the name “Kielbasa” in Polish means “sausage,” it may be manufactured using various components and cooking techniques.

You may get Kielbasa fresh, dried, or cured, and it may be prepared from pig, cattle, chicken, lamb, or veal.

It frequently comes with garlic, marjoram, pepper, and other seasonings.

Although most Kielbasa is friendly to your low-carb diet and relatively low in carbohydrates, it is crucial to sift through the label.

Vienna Sausage

Keto dieters can eat this meat. Some companies may include trace quantities of corn syrups.

However, the net carbohydrates in most of these products are negligible or nonexistent.

Breakfast Sausage

This food is tasty, and wide varieties are suitable for keto dieters. Nevertheless, some products might involve non-keto components.

There are two primary concerns to be on the lookout for starches with added sugars and sweeteners. 

Some types may include high-carb carbohydrates like potatoes or rice. Some can have maple syrup, sugar, or corn syrup as a flavor enhancer.

Read the label carefully and search for all-pork types that don’t have any flavors or extra carbohydrates.

Chicken Sausage

This kind is often prepared using the chicken’s dark flesh and flavorful spices and herbs. It’s usually sold either uncooked or poached.

You can serve it with vegetables or fruits, such as mushrooms or apples, or even add sugar.

When shopping for these products, carefully read the nutrition information and ingredients on the label.

Sausage Gravy

Though traditional gravy isn’t keto-friendly, others are.

Most of these products contain flour, which serves as a thickening and contributes to the distinct texture of this food.

You may make your homemade low-carb gravy by utilizing a thickening suitable for the diet, such as egg yolks, gelatin, or xanthan gum.

Keto-Friendly Summer Sausage Brands 

There are many products out there, but the following are the most reputable for purchasing:

  • Old Wisconsin Beef: It is ideal for a low-carb diet because it contains no carbohydrates, gluten, sugar, extenders, or MSG.
  • Aurelia’s Spanish Chorizo: It has no sugar, gluten, MSG, and little carb content, so it works well with a low-carb diet.
  • Hickory Farms Beef: It satisfies the Keto requirements. Each serving includes fewer than 1g of carbohydrates and has no gluten.
  • Wisconsin’s Best Pit Smoked: It contains no sugar and just 1 g of carbohydrates.

What To Consider Before Purchasing Summer Sausage For Keto Diet? 

When purchasing these products, you need to consider a few points.

  • Sugar Content: Check to see if the meat contains no or very little sugar.
  • Gluten-Free: Naturally, gluten-free meat often has fewer carbohydrates.
  • Net Carb Content: Make sure each serving contains no more than 1 gram of net carbs.
  • Organic Meat: Since you’ve already chosen to take care of your health by following the low-carb diet, you want everything about it to be as organic as possible.

Wrapping Up

Is summer sausage keto? Most are suitable for keto dieters, but it’s best to check the ingredients and nutrition facts before using them. 

If you are new to this diet, you can check the tips and brands to pick the best food to suit your taste. 

If you have further questions, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, and see you in the next Health’s Kitchen post!

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