How To Cut Sausage For Pasta? 4 Interesting Techniques To Try

Sausages are the most versatile type of meat available out there. They can be an extra touch to just about every meal.

In addition to being the ideal accompaniment to a pasta plate, sausage is fantastic as a lunch side dish for any summer barbecue.

How to cut sausage for pasta? There are various methods to cut it to improve its visual effect and accent its savory taste. Let’s get into details in this post! 

How To Cut Sausage For Pasta?

Repeating the same method every time you process sausage pieces is unnecessary.

Try one of these creative cutting techniques before adding it to pasta to add some more flair to your meat.

Method 1: Diced

Your pasta dish might benefit from the flavorful, protein-rich supplement of little chopped meat chunks.

To dice the sausage, first, cut it in half lengthwise to create two long and thin pieces. You should have four pieces of similar size after cutting it again in half.

Once you have little cubes remaining after cutting those parts sideways, stop. There will be sufficient for each mouthful to be infused with a delicious flavor.

Method 2: Coin Slice

Slices of symmetrical coins will be visually appealing and practical for eating in any cuisine, including your pasta dish.

The sausage directions will tell you how to cut it into coin-sized pieces.

Put the meats on a cutting board, then cut an angle with 45 degrees across them diagonally.

Your meatballs will cook with a perfect sear owing to this kind of slice, and the look is also better.

Slices of coin sausage may range in thickness from ½ inch to one inch. It’s up to your interest!

Method 3: Spiral Cut

Although spiral sliced sausages seem complicated to make, they unquestionably lend a sophisticated flavor to your pasta.

Skewer the meat on a stick to cut the spiral pattern. Your meat will have a more fantastic taste and texture with this technique.

Method 4: Octopus Cut

A kid’s pasta dish or lunchbox snack might benefit from adding the octopus sausage slice.

First, you need to cut your meat links into small pieces about 3 inches in length.  

Cut through a side of the sausage while holding it in a sideways position. Repeat the cutting after turning it 90°.

Your octopus sausage will have four legs as a result of this process. To create eight separate legs, cut it once more among the incisions.

Cook these meat pieces at a medium-high temperature. The legs should separate and look like an octopus shape after they have heated up.


Cutting method

Tips To Make Sausages Not Fall Apart When Cutting

You must take several steps to ensure that your sausage links are the ideal size, structure, and consistency and won’t crumble when you cut them.

Here are some tips to help you get perfect sausage slices before adding them to your pasta:

Refrigerate Them

Before preparation, freezing the meat rolls is an excellent way to stop them from breaking.

You don’t need to put them too long in the freezer; only 15-20 minutes is enough!

The sausages become less sticky after this step, making it easier to take off the casings.


Refrigerate them

Cut The Casing Only

If you remove the casing before cutting, it’s best not to cut into the flesh.

Making a lengthy cut through the roll is the easiest method. After that, carefully pull off the case to remove it with your fingers. 

Take The Casing Off After Cooking

If possible, you should remove the casing after cooking. Most of the cases are edible, so you can remove them or not. 

Moreover, if you move the casing before cooking, the meat will gradually lose its form and crumble.

Avoid Cooking Them On High Temperature

They might crumble when you fry sausages before adding them to your pasta dish.

Instead, turn the heat down to low and watch for the sizzling of the meat in a pan.

Besides, due to the flesh mixture’s high water content, the casing may potentially burst.

When you heat or boil the water, the casing of the meat roll cracks or bursts.

Bake Them

When you bake meat rolls, they are less prone to break apart. It is an excellent choice since the oven’s temperature is evenly dispersed.

Set the oven’s temperature to medium. Sausage cooking should be slow; rushing it will only lead to mistakes.

If you want to learn more about this cooking method, you can click on this video:


Sausage Pasta Recipe

It’s pretty simple to make a sausage pasta dish. You may create several versions by adding various vegetables. You can try this recipe at home:


  • Pasta: ¾ pound
  • Sausage: 1 pound 
  • Spinach: 10 ounces
  • Olive oil: 1 tablespoon
  • Cheese: ½ cup
  • Onion: 1
  • Garlic: 4 cloves
  • Chicken broth: 14.5 ounces
  • Tomatoes: 14.5 ounces
  • Dried basil: 1 teaspoon

Step-by-step instructions: 

Step 1: Pour water into a large saucepan and add a little salt to it. Bring to a boil the water.

Add the pasta and boil for 8 -10 minutes until it’s medium done. Drain and keep aside.

Step 2: Cut the meat roll into the desired pattern. At medium temperature, preheat the olive oil in a big skillet.

Cook the sausage pieces in a heated pan for 5 minutes until they are no longer red. Add garlic and onion to this skillet. 

Keep cooking and stirring for about 2 minutes. Stir in tomatoes, broth, and basil.

Step 3: Cook for five minutes at medium heat to slightly reduce the liquid.

Add spinach. Cover your skillet, and lower the heat. Keep simmering until the spinach is soft.

Step 4: Add pasta and mix all the ingredients well. Sprinkle it with cheese and serve warm. 


Simple recipe

Common Mistakes When Cooking Sausages

If it’s your first time cooking this dish, you may make the following mistakes. Let’s check them out to get a perfect dinner!

  • Get the wrong sausage types.
  • Marinate the meat rolls.
  • Put the meat link into the pot immediately.
  • Remove the casing before cutting and cooking them.
  • Cook the meat over high heat.
  • Don’t check the internal temperature when baking. 
  • Deep-fry the meat rolls
  • Don’t add water or oil when cooking meat in a pan. 
  • Put too many meat pieces in a pan. 
  • Overcook the meat.


Common mistakes

Final Thoughts

We hope you will know how to cut sausage for pasta after reading this article! Preparing the meat rolls before adding them to your pasta is pretty simple. 

You can use one of these cutting methods, including diced, coin slice, spiral cut, or octopus cut. 

Hopefully, you will have a delicious sausage pasta lunch for your whole family. Thanks for reading Health’s Kitchen’s post!

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