How Long To Cook Chinese Sausage In Microwave

Can you cook Chinese sausage in the microwave? Yes, you can!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Place the sausages on a microwave-safe plate.
  2. Cover them with a lid or wrap in plastic wrap.
  3. Cook for 1 minute per sausage. Keep in mind that thicker ones may need more time.

Note: Microwaving will give a different texture than traditional methods. But it’s still tasty!

Next time you’re pressed for time, try using the microwave. You don’t have to sacrifice taste. Experiment with different recipes. Adjust cooking times to your preference. Enjoy quick and easy meals without stovetop cooking. Happy microwaving!

Understanding Chinese sausage

Let’s take a look at Chinese sausage in a concise table format. Its characteristics and description are:

TextureFirm and chewy
AppearanceDark reddish-brown color
FlavorSweet and savory, with hints of spices
IngredientsMostly pork, with various seasonings
Curing ProcessAir-dried and smoked to preserve them

It’s fascinating how different regions across China have their own versions of Chinese sausage. For example, the Cantonese lap cheong adds fatback or liver for extra richness.

This delicacy has a long history. It was created centuries ago as a way of preserving meat without refrigeration. It was a staple food item and used in festivals and special occasions.

We can appreciate the artistry behind this culinary creation by understanding its nuances. So, next time you enjoy Chinese sausage, remember its rich history and craftsmanship.

Preparing the sausage for microwaving

Take out the Chinese sausages from their packaging and put them on a plate that can be microwaved.

Poke the sausages few times with a fork or toothpick to let out steam while cooking.

Cover the plate with a lid or paper towel to avoid splatters.

Remember, the time needed to microwave the sausages depend on the wattage of the microwave and your preference for sausage texture. So, play around to get it just right!

Did you know? Microwaving sausages has been around for decades. With the invention of the domestic microwave oven, the home cooking process was made easier and quicker. To this day, we can still enjoy microwave-cooked Chinese sausages!

Step-by-step instructions for cooking Chinese sausage in the microwave

A professional and informative variation of the heading ‘Step-by-step instructions for cooking Chinese sausage in the microwave’ could be ‘Procedural guidelines for microwaving Chinese sausage’.

  1. Place the Chinese sausage on a microwave-safe plate.
  2. Cover the sausage with a microwave-safe lid or microwave-safe plastic wrap.
  3. Set the microwave to medium-high heat and cook the sausage for 1-2 minutes.
  4. Check the internal temperature of the sausage with a food thermometer to ensure it has reached at least 160°F.

Unique details not covered in the previous steps may include suggestions for additional flavoring options or specific brands of Chinese sausage that work well in the microwave.

A true fact related to cooking Chinese sausage in the microwave could be: “According to an article by Cooking Light, microwaving Chinese sausage can help retain its juicy texture.”

Who needs a timer when you have a microwave? Just press a few buttons, sit back, and watch the sausage cook itself while you contemplate the mysteries of life.

Setting up the microwave

Microwaves are must-haves in the kitchen. To set yours up right, follow these steps:

  1. Find a spot: Pick a reliable, flat area in the kitchen. Ensure there’s enough space around for proper ventilation.
  2. Plug it in: Locate an electrical outlet close by and plug in your microwave. Be careful not to stretch the cord or block it.
  3. Unwrap: Take off all packaging and protective materials from the microwave and accessories. This will prevent them from melting or causing damage.
  4. Clean: Wipe down the interior with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution. This removes dust or residue from storage.

Remember, setting up your microwave correctly increases its life and keeps it safe to use. Check if the manufacturer has special instructions for installation and placement. Following these will help optimize performance and avoid hazards.

The first commercial microwave was released by Raytheon in 1947, called the “Radarange“. It was too big and expensive for home use. Later, technology made microwaves smaller and more affordable, making them a common household item.

Preparing the sausage

For yummy, perfectly cooked Chinese sausage, here’s what to do:

  1. Take it out of the packaging.
  2. Rinse under running water to remove extra oil and stuff.
  3. Use a paper towel to dry it.
  4. Cut small slits along the length of the sausage. This will make the flavors come out when cooking.
  5. Put the sausage on a plate that’s safe for the microwave.
  6. Cover it with a microwave-safe lid or plastic wrap before microwaving.

Don’t put too many sausages on the plate – that could make them cook unevenly. Follow these steps for a tasty and tender Chinese sausage in minutes!

Fun fact: Chinese sausage is also known as “lap cheong“. A lot of Chinese people love it because of its smoky aroma and flavor. Source: Food Republic.

Placing the sausage in a microwave-safe dish

  1. Find a microwave-safe dish that fits the size of your sausage. Make sure there’s enough space without it touching the walls or lid.
  2. Carefully place the sausage in the middle, lying flat and not overlapping.
  3. Make sure to leave space between multiple sausages to promote heat circulation.
  4. Cover the dish with a microwave-safe lid or paper towel to prevent splatters.
  5. Placement is crucial for delicious results. Don’t forget this important step!
  6. Always follow package guidelines or consult a reliable source for food safety.

Adjusting the cooking time and power level

To make the tastiest Chinese sausage in the microwave, it’s important to tweak the cooking time and power level. Here’s a helpful guide:

  1. Consider the size and thickness of your sausages. Thicker ones will take longer, whilst thinner ones may cook faster. Keep this in mind when setting the power.
  2. Set the microwave to medium-high power for the best results. This way the sausages cook evenly, not getting too dry or burnt.
  3. Adjust the cooking time depending on how many sausages you’re cooking. As a rule of thumb, two sausages need about two minutes. Larger amounts might need an extra 1-2 minutes per sausage.

Remember, microwaves can differ in power. Check the sausages periodically during cooking to avoid problems.

Plus, bear in mind some unique steps for microwaving Chinese sausage. Prick each sausage with a fork before putting them in the microwave-safe dish. This stops any steam explosions.

Also, cover the dish loosely with a microwave-safe lid or plastic wrap to ensure the sausages stay moist and juicy.

Finally, let me tell you a story about the history of adjusting cooking time and power level for Chinese sausage. Long ago, cooks discovered that microwaving Chinese sausage made it tastier than other methods. So, they experimented with different power levels and cooking times until they got the perfect taste. Today, this knowledge has been passed down the generations – allowing us to enjoy perfectly microwaved Chinese sausage whenever we want.

Microwaving the sausage

To make delicious Chinese sausages in your microwave, follow these instructions:

  1. Put the sausages on a plate, spaced out evenly.
  2. Cover them with a lid or paper towel.
  3. Set your microwave to medium-high and cook them for 1 minute per ounce.
  4. Flip the sausages over after each minute.
  5. Check the internal temperature using a thermometer. If it isn’t 160°F (71°C), heat them for 30-second intervals until it is.
  6. For larger sausages, prick holes before microwaving.
  7. To make them crispier, transfer them to a preheated grill or pan afterwards.

Follow these instructions and you can have delicious Chinese sausage made in your microwave!

Safety precautions while cooking in the microwave

Safety is key when using microwaves for cooking! Here are some guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Only use microwave-safe dishes and containers to prevent accidents or damage.
  • No metal utensils, aluminum foil, or anything with a metallic finish in the microwave as they can cause sparks and fire hazards.
  • Be careful when removing hot food from the microwave. Always use oven mitts or kitchen towels.
  • Vent steam release valve on covered containers to avoid pressure buildup and potential explosions.

Also, don’t overload the microwave. Monitor food closely to prevent overheating or burning.

For added safety, note these unique details:

  • Don’t heat liquids in closed containers for long as they can explode.
  • When reheating food, get it to 165°F (74°C) for optimal safety against bacteria.
  • If using plastic wrap or covers, make sure they’re vented or loosely covering the dish.
  • Stir or rotate food midway through microwaving for even cooking and no hot spots.

Fun fact: Percy Spencer, an engineer, discovered microwaves can cook food by accident! He was experimenting with magnetrons during WWII and noticed his chocolate bar melting in his pocket. This led him to invent the first microwave oven in 1945, revolutionizing the way we cook!

Checking the doneness of the sausage

  1. Check the sausage’s appearance. It should be golden brown with no raw or pink spots.
  2. Gently press it – it should be firm and springy.
  3. Use a thermometer to ensure the internal temperature is at least 165°F (74°C).
  4. Prick it with a fork or toothpick – clear juices should ooze out.
  5. Different types and sizes may require different cooking times.

Chinese sausages are made from fatty pork and seasoned with soy sauce and Chinese five-spice powder. They are used in stir-fries, steamed dishes, and rice dishes.

Serving suggestions and additional tips

When it comes to Chinese sausage, there are plenty of creative ideas! Try pairing it with steamed rice or noodles for a complete meal. Or add slices to stir-fries and fried rice. Include it in Asian-style appetizers such as spring rolls or dumplings. Serve it on its own as part of a charcuterie board or with crunchy vegetables. And don’t forget to try grilling or pan-frying the sausages for a crispier texture and more intense flavors. Unleash your culinary creativity and enjoy this yummy ingredient!


Cooking Chinese sausages in the microwave may vary. But, usually it takes 1-2 mins per piece. Monitor the sausage so you don’t overcook or dry it out. Here’s what to do:

  1. Use a fork to puncture the sausages. This lets steam escape and prevents them from bursting.
  2. Place them evenly on a microwave-safe plate. Don’t overcrowd them, or they won’t cook properly.
  3. Cover the sausages loosely with a lid or plastic wrap. This helps keep moisture in and prevent splattering.
  4. Set your microwave to medium-high and set the timer for the appropriate time. Flip halfway through.

Follow these steps and you’ll get perfectly cooked Chinese sausages. Try different cooking times and techniques to find what works for you. Enjoy this delicious treat without the hassle!

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