Do You Need Oil To Cook Sausage? Let’s Read On To Get The Answer!

Sausage is famous in many cultures because of its versatile flavor and heartiness. It also comes in many types and allows you to prepare it in various ways.

The fact is that a medium sausage contains about 30% fat. With that in mind, you may wonder, “Do you need oil to cook sausage?”

This article will give you the exact answer and valuable information.

So let’s read on right now!

Do You Need Oil To Cook Sausage?

The answer is No because it is unnecessary. If you cook the sausages on your frying pan, you just poke some holes in them and pour water into your pan.

You can also use other cooking methods, such as grilling or boiling your sausage.

Cooking Your Sausage With Your Frying Pan

The sausage is delicious, but it is easy to ruin, primarily when you use your frying pan for cooking it.

If you’re not careful, your sausage might end up with uncooked insides and burned skin, which is especially true of thick sausage. 

So we recommend using cooking oil if you want to process your sausage with a frying pan. The amount of oil needed may vary depending on the type and quantity of sausages you want to cook.

If you have thin sausages with high-fat content, spraying a spritz of cooking will do the trick. Meanwhile, if you have thicker ones, you will need to cook them on medium heat and use up to a tablespoon of oil if they are not low in fat.

If you want to cook your sausages using the frying pan without oil, you can poke them using a fork, then add a bit of water before using the lid to cover them.

Cook Your Sausage With an Oven

Cooking your sausages with an oven will significantly reduce the risk of burning them. This method does not require the use of cooking oil for all sausages. 

However, with this method, we recommend using a little oil for the best result.

If you prepare your sausages using your oven, they may come out a little dry as it would take longer to handle them than using the frying pan.

That’s why you should add a little oil. Then, just ensure to flip your sausages once or more during this baking process.

Grilling Your Sausages

For grilling sausages, it is unnecessary to use cooking oil. It is wise to put your sausages at room temperature right before you begin to grill them. 

So, you can shorten the cooking time while you can cook your sausages evenly.

Avoid puncturing your sausages’ skin when grilling them to keep all fat inside them to get the maximum moisture and flavor. 

You wouldn’t want dry sausages, would you?

Breading & Deep-Frying Your Sausages

Although this method is rare for cooking your sausages, it is still good. 

You need to start by coating your sausages in milk or cream, egg wash, and breadcrumbs, then immerse them in hot oil.

The amount of oil you need should depend on whether you use a deep fryer or improvise and how many sausages you want to cook. Besides, using the air fryer to have the breaded sausage without cooking oil is possible.

Boiling Your Sausages

There is no denying that boiling your sausages is the simplest and fastest way to cook them without oil. 

If you’ve pre-cooked them, you can expect your cooking to finish in under ten minutes. Also, If your sausages are raw, they can take up to half an hour to boil. 

This method is excellent for those trying to eliminate greasy foods from their diet. But it won’t allow you to get crispy skin like when you fry or grill them.

Which Oil Should You Use for Cooking Sausages? 

Using any kind of vegetable oil for preferring your sausages is okay. Our recommended picks are avocado oil, olive oil, coconut oil, and any other oil.

If you’re keen on the taste, using butter is the way to go. Alternatively, you might consider other options, such as gheelard, and beef tallow.


Can I Cook My Sausages With No Oil?

The short answer is Yes. Sausages are high in fat content, allowing you to remove the cooking oil during cooking.

However, some cooking methods, such as using your frying pan, will require a bit of cooking oil for best results.

Do You Cook Sausages in Oil or Butter?

Both are okay. If you’re keen on the taste, using butter is the way to go!

What Is the Healthiest Way to Cook Sausages?

Boiling your sausage is the healthiest way because it is excellent for those trying to eliminate greasy foods from their diet.

However, it will not allow you to get brown and crispy skin like when you fry,  bake, or grill them.

Is It Better to Fry or Bake Sausages?

There is no exact answer to this question as it depends on your preference.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Sausage at 350?

If you preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, you can get the job done within 25 minutes,


This article helped you answer, “Do you need oil to cook sausage?” 

Generally, sausages are usually high in fat to 30%. Therefore, you almost do not need to use cooking oil.

However, in some cases, you also need to add a little cooking oil to get the best result, such as when you cook your sausages with a frying pan or grill.

Hopefully, you enjoyed this article. Thank you for visiting Health’s Kitchen!

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