Hello everyone, I am Merlyn Poole, and I’m the creator of healths-kitchen.com, where I share my cooking experiences and tips along with the best kitchen tools for those who love cooking at home.

Cooking has been a passion of mine since I was very young, around 11 years old. At first, it was just helping my mother with cutting vegetables and cooking, but later on, it became a passion for me. That’s why I created Healths-kitchen.com, to share my cooking experiences.

My favorite cuisines include all kinds of sausages. However, I constantly explore new dishes and experiment with cooking techniques and new kitchen tools. And I’ve found that cooking gadgets are amazing! They are perfect for both beginners and advanced cooks, and there are plenty of delicious dishes that you can make with these kitchen tools!

With the desire to share my cooking experiences and tips, my goal is to inspire you to try cooking at home.

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