Farm fresh local food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Non GMO, no hormones or antibiotics, no pesticides...just clean, wholesome good cooking with all natural foods. Nearly all of our produce we use daily was grown right here in riverside!

Dear Friends,

Champion Wellness presents Health's Kitchen! Health's Kitchen started out as a Wellness Center specializing in nutrition education from a holistic perspective. As a Holistic health Coach, I gave lots of advice on how to improve health by making dietary and lifestyle changes. Most people, even with their best inyentions, are easily confused about how to select the right foods, and or, don't have the time to prepare them. I had lots of encouragement from my clients to start preparing for them, all the foods I had been trying to teach them to eat. So , I decided to give You all a place to eat where you can count on your food being fresh, nutritionally balanced, consciously raised, selected for purity, and prepared with love to give you a meal that not only tastes good, but makes you feel good too!

Robin M. Holistic Health Coach, Chef



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